3.5 Major fields of science

The citation scores of publications across the six major fields of science for all institution categories appear in Figure 3.5.1 The Figure also displays the number of publications and citations. Data refers to the most recent 5-year period, 2012-2016.

In “Natural Sciences”, a small number of publications attributed to the "Private Health Institutions" record the highest citation score (1.75), followed by “Private Non profit Institutions” (1.62), "RC-GSRT" (1.47), “Universities” (1.25), “Other Public Research Institutions” (1.19), and ‘‘Public Hospitals’’ (1.01).  

In “Engineering and Technology” the highest citation score was 1.26 and was attributed to the publications of “Other Education Institutions”, followed by "RC-GSRT" (1.15), “Universities” (1.14), ''TEIs'' (1.08) and “Other Public Research Institutions” (1.00),

In “Medical Sciences”, publications of five institution categories had a better performance than the world average:  "RC-GSRT" (1.27),  "Other Public Research Institutions" (1.24), ‘‘Universities’’ (1.23), "Private Health Institutions" (1.20), “Private Non profit Institutions” (1.19), and ''Public Hospitals'' (1,07).

In “Agricultural Sciences” the highest citation score was attributed to the publications of "RC-GSRT" (1.38).

In “Social Sciences”, publications by three institution categories attained a performance better than the world average: "RC-GRST" (1.49), "Other Public Research Institutions" and “Other Education Institutions” (1.24, both). 

Finally, in the field of “Humanities”, only "RC-GRST" recorded a citation score above world average (1.15).

Figure 3.5.1




The field normalized citation rate was provided only for the Institution Categories with more than 75 publications for the period 1996-2010.