2. Indicators and Characteristics

This chapter presents the bibliometric indicators for the total scientific output of Greece -as recorded in the National Science Indicators database of the Web of Science- and compares the yield of research publications to that of the EU and the OECD countries. It provides an outlook on the productivity and performance regarding Greece’s publications over the 15-year period 2002-2016, and highlights recent growth trends.

The following table (Table 2.1.1) summarizes bibliometric indicators for Greek publications for the most recent 5-year period (2012-2016). It also presents evidence of the 2010-2014 period so as to allow for a historical comparison with the immediate preceding period.


In 2010, the OECD was enlarged with 4 new member states: Estonia, Israel, Slovenia and Chile. The phrase "OECD-34" refers to the 34 countries in the OECD, during the period under review (Annex V).