3.2 Citations

Between 2002 and 2016, citation indices grew over time for all institution categories following the growth trend of Greek publications. "RC-GSRT" and "Private Health Institutions" received the highest percentage (%) of cited publications among all institution categories (77.2% and 73.5%, respectively) (Figure 3.2.1). These are followed by ‘‘Other Public Research Institutions” (73.1%) and “Public Hospitals” (72.2%).


Figure 3.2.1



Figure 3.2.2 tracks the number of citations and its growth/evolution for the 2002-2016 period. During this period, the number of citations in all institution categories followed a growth trend.


Figure 3.2.2


"Universities" receive the highest share in the number of citations. More specifically, during 2012-2016, University publications received 335,520 citations or a share of 83.3% in the total number of citations of Greek publications. (Figure 3.2.3).

Figure 3.2.3