Greek Scientific Publications 2002 - 2016

This e-publication concerns the bibliometric data and relevant analysis of the Greek scientific publications in international journals for the period 2002-2016. The data were drawn from Thomson Reuters Web of Science database. It is the latest example of the National Documentation Center’s (EKT) data documentation activities, launched in 2010, with the aim of shedding light on major aspects of the national research system. In-depth presentation, periodicity and the inclusion of not only existing but also new indicators has established this publication as a major reference point for both the research community and policymakers in Greece. 

The use and exploitation of bibliometric data in the production of evidence-based science and technology policy is continuously expanding, justifying the choice of EKT to invest in the development of know-how and information systems for presenting and disseminating this kind of research production. This is in tune with international and supranational organizations, such as the EU and OECD which make use of bibliometric indicators in order to compare different countries' research systems.

Lastly, EKT is in support of open access policies since the latter can significantly further the exploitation of scientific results. The data in this publication is also available in csv files to enable further analysis.

Dr. Evi Sachini

Director of EKT