5. Technological Education Institutes

The Technological Education Institutes (TEIs) are a significant component of the Greek Higher Education Sector. In the frame of this study, "TEIs" constitute a separate institution category which was estimated to contribute in the country’ s output of scientific publications. More specifically, "TEIs" were ranked fourth, among other institutions in terms of their scientific publications output.

"TEIs" had a relatively low publication output (< 10 publications per year). TEI’s publication output also displayed unstable rate of growth. As a result, even slight variations in the number of publications could greatly affect the dependability of bibliometric indicators. Due to this observation in the nature of data, we have avoided broad conclusions regarding "TEIs" publishing activity, scientific fields of excellence and patterns of scientific collaborations. Recognizing these limitations, this study presents the main bibliographic indicators for 16 TEIs  –including the Higher School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPAITE)–.

The table below summarizes the number of TEIs’ publications and their citations for the period (2006-2010). It also demonstrates their progression rates when compared to data emerging from the preceding 5-year period, 2004-2008, –according to a study that EKT published in 2010–.