2.4 Highly cited publications

A significant criterion for the evaluation of the impact of the scientific publications is their ranking among the most cited publications in the world, published in the same year and the same subject field. The relevant bibliometric indicators refer to the number and the percentile breakdown of publications that were ranked worldwide in the top 1%, 5%, 10%, 25% and 50% of the most cited publications, per year and per scientific field.

During the most recent 5-year period, 2012-2016, 1,047 Greek publications ranked among the top 1% of the most cited publications worldwide, 3,862 publications in the top 5%, 6,955 publications in the top 10%, 15,249 publications in the top 25% and 27,718 in the top 50%  (Figure 2.4.1).

The percentile breakdown of top publications for Greece for the 5-year period, 2012-2016, was 1.9%, 7.0%, 12.6%, 27.6% and 50.2%, respectively (Figure 2.4.1). Compared to the world average baseline, Greece is higher than the world average in all percentiles.


Figure 2.4.1



Greek scientists contribute significantly in high impact publications. 24.5% of top 1% publications have been authored by a Greek scientist as a first author. The same holds for 36.8% of top 5% (Figure 2.4.2).

Figure 2.4.2