6.3 Citation impact

Figure 6.3.1 presents the number of publications and citations and the field normalised citation score of each GSRT Research Center in relation to the world average. Data refers to the most recent 5-year period 2006-2010. The field normalised citation score or “citation score” is the relative number of citations to publications of a Center compared to the world average of citations to publications of the same time period and scientific subject field. The normalisation is at the level of each publication according to the 253 NSI scientific subject fields. If an article belongs to several subject fields, a mean value of the fields was calculated. The citation score was calculated using software developed by EKT. A value greater than 1, indicated that the impact of publications was higher than the world average.

The values of the field-normalised citation score surpassed or approached the world average in the case of 9 Research Centers.

The relatively low number of publications by the Biomedical Sciences Research Center/BSCR FLEMING accounted for the highest citation score (1.43). This was followed by the citation score achieved by the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas/FORTH (1.24) and then by a small number of publications coming from the Center for Research and Technology of Thessaly/CERETETH (citation score: 1.13) and the Hellenic Pasteur Institute/PASTEUR (citation score: 1.11). Finally, citation scores around world baseline were calculated for the publications of the National Center for Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS"/NCRS "DEMOKRITOS" (1.01), the Center for Research and Technology Hellas/CERTH (1.00), the Hellenic Center for Marine Research/HCMR (0.97), the National Observatory of Athens/NOA (0.94) and the National Hellenic Research Foundation/NHRF (0.93).


Figure 6.3.1